Billing and Insurance

Helping You Choose
As a courtesy to our patients, we will complete and file insurance forms related to dental services and accept them as part payment. Unlike medical insurance, however, dental insurance sometimes does not cover 100% of the charges incurred. We will be happy to help you determine your clinical benefits before work is started. We will submit your claim to the insurance company for pre-authorization of what your plan will cover. For your convenience we accept Visa, Mastercard, debit and cash.

Please note that you must complete your portion of the insurance form and sign it where indicated. All Denturists services are covered by all dental insurance plans including new or replacement of full or partial dentures every 5 Years.

Relining and Rebasing of full dentures or partial dentures every 3 Years. Relining and Rebasing are a separate service and cost is not included in the initial cost of the dentures as your tissue can and does undergo some form of continual change. And some people may not require a reline or rebase on their dentures.
CC and Debit
All denture services are free of GST and PST.

Electronic Billing

InsuranceFormWe now have Electronic Billing and Preauthorization services for all Insurance companies. The Insurance Company's that are accepting Electronic Billing from Denturists Are:
  • Manitoba Blue Cross
  • Great West Life
  • Sun Life
  • First Canadian Health (NHIB) Medical Services
  • Green Shield Canada
  • Autoben
  • Johnston Group
  • Manion Wilkins
  • Coughlin & Associates