Getting Used To Your Dentures

Feel – You will notice right away that your new dentures will feel foreign in your mouth. This is a normal first reaction, be patient.

In time, with a little practice, you will adjust naturally to this initial fullness, and barely notice them in your mouth as the oral cavity and the muscle structure conform to dentures.

When you first receive your dentures, you probably will notice an increase in the flow of saliva in your mouth. This is a normal response to the unfamiliar object in your mouth, namely, the denture.

denturesOn average most of us swallow about 600 times a day.

It may take a day or two (or just a few hours) for your mouth to become adjusted to your new dentures and for your saliva flow to return to normal.

Many new denture wearers have difficulty with their speech at first. A common problem is pronouncing words containing "S" sounds. In most cases, practicing speech aloud with your new dentures in place will help restore your normal speaking quality quickly. This will add confidence and comfort.