Handling, Storing and Cleaning

Keeping your Full & Partial dentures clean is the most important patient responsibility in good oral health. Dentures, like natural teeth attract plaque, become stained, and collect food particles that can cause bad breath.

An excellent way to cleanse your dentures safely and effectively is with a denture cleanser plus a professionally designed denture bath. Soaking dentures every evening will effectively cleanse away food particles from the crevices and spaces between the teeth, remove plaque and odor-causing film and eliminate virtually all micro-organisms.

CarryCaseBrushing – The most effective cleansing method is brushing with a special denture brush and a denture cleansing paste. Since denture materials are more delicate than natural teeth, ordinary toothbrushes and commercial toothpastes are too abrasive and can damage the acrylic surfaces or soft liners of your dentures. Brushing daily will maintain the bright, natural appearance of your dentures and leave your whole mouth feeling minty fresh.

Brushing is particularly recommended for removal of plaque. The best method is to combine soaking and brushing to achieve the highest level of cleanliness.

Our denture clinic can provide you with denture cleaners and materials you may need to care properly for your new dentures. Use them as directed and you will soon be eating, drinking, talking and smiling with comfort and confidence. Millions already are. Why not you!