Magnetic Repel Dentures

Are Magnetic Repel Dentures The Answer For You?

Ask yourself the following questions: Does your lower denture float or move around causing you discomfort? Do you have trouble chewing your favorite food? If you answered yes to one or both of these questions, then Magnetic Repel Dentures are a great choice for your denture needs.

What Magnetic Repel Dentures Provide Our Patients

  • Exclusive to Lee Denture Clinic.
  • An exciting workable nonsurgical alternative giving the patient the ability to keep your lower denture in place and avoid embarrassing situations from loose / ill fitting dentures, healthier tissue – as food particles are less likely to irritate tissue under the lower denture.

Who Are They Best Suited For?

  • Great alternative for patients who have no ALVEOLAR (lower ridge) left which causes, the denture to dislodge and float.
  • Patients who have difficulty eating and chewing their foods.
  • Patients who have difficulty keeping their lower denture in place.

How Magnetic Repel Dentures Work

  • Magnetic Repel Dentures work under the simple principle of reversed Polarity.
  • The upper denture keeps the lower denture in place as they repel against each other.
  • Thousands of patients have enjoyed magnetic repel dentures over the past 35 years.
  • If you have magnet repels this is a warning please remove your dentures if you are having an MRI done.

Our Goal

  • To provide a free consultation explaining the features and benefits of Magnetic Repel Dentures and ensure you have the information to make an informed decision that best suits your personal dental health care needs.
  • Because we care about your dental health care, appointments are necessary.
  • It is important to us as professional DENTURISTS that we are able to address all your concerns and answer questions.

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